Besides the limited-in-scope physical exams I had prior to getting jobs in 2015 and 2021, I haven’t had a physical in about 20 years. I’m 36 and have eaten fried fish every Friday for nine years. It was time to come to terms with what paddling towards 40 in a weekly beer batter bath might mean. So, this week, right in the middle of the holiday season—a time when I uncontrollably eat whatever food is in front of me that I generally wouldn’t eat the rest of the year—I visited a doctor.

The doctor asked how often I exercise: I try to do some form of exercise multiple times a week. The doctor asked about my eating habits: I eat healthy most of the time, making home cooked meals with whole foods, but I eat a fish fry every Friday, and have been doing so for close to a decade. The doctor asked about my drinking habits: I’ve been drinking less and less over the past 15 years, but I still have a couple of drinks on most Fridays—an Old Fashioned and a pilsner—and still take down a few more than that on occasion (because I live in Wisconsin?).

The doctor told me as long as I continue to exercise and eat a balanced and healthy diet most of the time, having a weekly fish fry with a couple of drinks isn’t a problem. This was it. This was the fish fry blessing! This was why I had really come to the doctor.

“The best Milwaukee-area fish frys of 2022” was going to start on this high note, but then I got my blood work back, and it said I have borderline high cholesterol, gutting my narrative. But never mind that. Stay the course: exercise weekly, make lots of home cooked meals with whole foods, and eat a fish fry every Friday, in 2023 and beyond. Because as I’ve said in one way or another before, if you can’t treat yourself once a week—in my case by having a Friday fish fry—life isn’t really worth living anyway. Here are some of my favorite Milwaukee-area fish frys from 2022. Remember, if your favorite isn’t on this year’s list, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t on a different year’s or that it won’t be on next year’s.

First up, my favorite Milwaukee-area fish frys from places I wrote about earlier in the year:

Wegner’s St. Martin’s Inn (Franklin)

Country Squire Supper Club (Muskego)

Oak Creek American Legion Post 434 (Oak Creek)

Dicken’s Grille & Spirits (West Allis)

C&C’s Mosquito Inn (Caledonia)

Next up, my favorite Milwaukee-area fish frys from places I’ve never written about that I went to after I stopped the column in May:

Libby Montana Bar & Grill (Mequon


Dale Z.’s On Tour (Milwaukee


Alioto’s (Wauwatosa)

NoNo’s Supper Club (Newburg)

Lastly, here are my favorite Milwaukee-area fish frys of places I’ve previously written about that I returned to since I stopped writing the column. I went to many old favorites, so there are many places listed here. All of these were previously on a “best of” list except for Coach’s Pub ‘N’ Grill. I’m unsure whether my perception of Coach’s changed or if something changed on their end since I wrote about them five years ago, but regardless, I’m including them here:

Coach’s Pub ‘N’ Grill (Milwaukee)

Scotty’s Bar & Pizza (Milwaukee)

Mibb’s and Viv’s (Lannon)

Landmark Inn (Mequon)

On The Clock Bar & Grill (Milwaukee)

Romey’s Place Bar & Grill (Franklin)

St. Paul Fish Company (Milwaukee Public Market)

Slick Willies Bar And Grill (South Milwaukee)

Kam’s Thistle & Shamrock (Milwaukee)

Pat’s Oak Manor (South Milwaukee)

Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee)

The Packing House (Milwaukee)

Tess (Milwaukee)

Café El Sol (Milwaukee)

Kegel’s Inn
 (West Allis)


Pat’s Niche Pub And Grub

Carl’s Catering

Klinger’s East

The Brown Bottle


Polonez Restaurant



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