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Milwaukee Record
Music, culture, gentle sarcasm

Welcome to Milwaukee Record, the premier source for smart, opinionated, and irreverent coverage of all things Milwaukee. Founded by former A.V. Club Milwaukee editor Matt Wild and longtime Milwaukee writer Tyler Maas, Milwaukee Record is an online destination for locals and non-locals alike looking for high-quality coverage of high-quality Milwaukee music and culture. From in-depth feature stories and exclusive album streams to razor-sharp opinion pieces and unique coverage of the city’s comedy scene, Milwaukee Record offers readers a website devoid of puff pieces and reheated press releases.

Founded by two Milwaukee-based writers, Milwaukee Record offers unique feature stories, fearless cultural commentary, show reviews, incisive profiles, restaurant reviews, off-kilter sports coverage, and more. Matt Wild brings an established editorial voice to the site, while Tyler Maas brings an unparalleled knowledge of Milwaukee music and comedy. Their combined body of work also extends beyond Milwaukee city limits, with contributions to national entities like ESPN The Magazine, ESPN.com, USA Today‘s Sports On Earth, The A.V. Club, Spin, and Vice Magazine‘s Noisey.com. Together (along with a host of experienced freelance writers), they provide a unique record of the city’s music and cultural scenes.