Remember when the annual Midwest Gaming Classic was held at the Brookfield Sheraton? Remember when that seemed like a big convention? Remember when the annual Midwest Gaming Classic moved to Milwaukee’s oft-renamed downtown convention center in 2018? Remember when that seemed like a big convention?

Well, forget all that, because the 2024 Midwest Gaming Classic—held over the weekend at the downtown Baird Center—seemed really, really big. That was largely due to people: the total amount of video games, pinball games, tabletop games, vendors, panels, cosplay, music, and wrestling was similar to years past (big), but this year’s crowds were downright super-sized. MGC drew more than 23,000 folks last year; we’d be shocked if it didn’t hit at least 30,000 in 2024.

So congrats, Midwest Gaming Classic! You rule, and you always put on a hell of a show. Here are just a few photos from Saturday afternoon. We had a decent-for-us game of Foo Fighters pinball (117,180,800) and had a blast playing the new Jaws table (98,522,480 on the premium model). Also, it was nice chatting with Milwaukee homebrew hero Jordan Davis, and you should absolutely check out his new Storied Sword game for the NES here. See you next year!

R.I.P. Polka Escalator

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