Who doesn’t love a brewery collaboration? Great things can happen when local breweries join forces with one another, with other area organizations, or with scrappy entertainment publications to put new and interesting beers out into the world. And when these beer-based partnerships help raise funds for a good cause, it pretty much couldn’t get any better. Well, if you like Milwaukee beer collaborations as much as we do, you’re probably going to be a big fan of Duckweed.

The beer, which is scheduled to hit draft lines on Saturday, May 25, is an American Light Lager that was developed by Central Waters’ Milwaukee brewmaster Nate Bahr. It will be available exclusively at Boone & Crockett and a portion of sales from each keg sold will be donated to Milwaukee Riverkeeper. The three operations came together to brew the beer at Central Waters’ Milwaukee location this spring.

“Milwaukee Riverkeeper does such important and impactful work that directly aligns with Central Waters’ sustainable and environmentally responsible brewing practices, so who better to partner with to continue that work and raise awareness?” says Central Waters Brewing sales manager Joe Abbott. “Boone & Crockett is a Milwaukee institution and the perfect place to showcase this amazing beer.”

Duckweed will be available exclusively at Boone & Crockett for just $4 per pint. There will be a release event from 5-9 p.m. that night, and the beer will continue to be available at the bar (on draft only) all summer long.

Why is it called “Duckweed,” you ask? It’s a reference to lemnoideae, which is an aquatic plant that’s a high protein food source for waterfowl. If Boone & Crockett patrons do their part by drinking enough $4 lagers from one of the state’s best breweries, Milwaukee Riverkeeper will be able to provide even more resources to help the creatures who rely upon the city’s rivers for sustenance and a high quality of life.

“We are thrilled to grow our partnership with Boone & Crockett and Central Waters Brewing,” says Milwaukee Riverkeeper executive director Jennifer Bolger Breceda. “As Wisconsinites, we know that good beer requires clean water, and we can only achieve swimmable, fishable, drinkable waters if we work together.”

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