For the past few years, Milwaukee musician/restauranteur/Jack White DJ/all-around treasure Chris Schulist—a.k.a. Christreater—has been filling in on various shows on WMSE 91.7 FM. It’s always, well, a treat to hear Schulist bring his deep and diverse musical knowledge and infectious energy to the airwaves. So wouldn’t it be nice if Schulist was a permanent fixture on the Mighty 91?

Well, it’s happening—and a long-running WMSE program is saying goodbye. Today, May 20, will be the final installment of The Rock Ride, hosted by station manager Tom Crawford. And beginning next Monday, May 27, Schulist will take over the Monday 3-6 p.m. slot with his own show, Hello Milwaukee.

“Why is it called Hello Milwaukee?” asks Schulist in a statement. “Well, because I love Milwaukee, and it was brought to my attention that I yell HELLO MILWAUKEE every time I’ve ever been on the air! I started filling in on shows on WMSE during the pandemic and I loved having the freedom to play all kinds of genres. I was raised on ’80s radio where you heard all types of music and genres blended together. That’s what my show will be. You’ll hear whatever I feel like playing from Hip Hop to Punk, Boogie and Disco, Classic rock, Metal, New wave, Jazz, funk, library, the list goes on as long as I consider it a JAM! And you can trust my taste in music. So tune in every Monday from 3-6pm where I will be playing jams you can trust. Love youuuuuu.”

Crawford will continue to host his Thursday 6-9 p.m. show, Radio Drill Time, and will do a special Rock Ride edition once a month. In a press release, WMSE also teases “a brand-new way to access the of all your favorite retired DJs shows.” More info on that is coming soon.

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