This week’s guest—the 200th and final My First Band guest!—is the incomparable Andy Junk. These days, you can see Junk on stage as a member of Holy Shit! and Chinese Telephones, taking photos at a ton of concerts in Milwaukee and beyond, and spreading Lakefront Brewery’s sales territory to faraway lands. Before he was in two long-running and respected bands, Junk was a teen starting his musical journey in unknown projects based in the tiny Wisconsin towns of Winneconne and Omro. Prior to his Milwaukee move, Junk was also an instrumental part of the once-mighty Green Bay punk scene as a member of The Fragments, an employee at the legendary Concert Cafe, and as a booker/resident of a short-lived house venue.

Before returning to Green Bay for a concert at Lyric Room this weekend and heading back to Japan for another Holy Shit! tour in March, Junk stopped by Milwaukee Record headquarters to chat with My First Band host Tyler Maas about those recent developments, the forthcoming Chinese Telephones release, his musical start, his formative years in Title Town, basement show-related troubles with the law, relocating the Milwaukee, tricking an AOL music site into covering his band, and much more. Oh, and they talked about his honorary Lakefront beer, My Turn: Junk, and the unique reason it made headlines a few years ago.

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