How haven’t we screened The Blues Brothers yet? We’re not sure, but that omission won’t be an issue much longer. On Wednesday, April 10, Milwaukee Record will finally be putting the band back together, so to speak, and showing the seminal 1980 action comedy at Avalon Theater. Tickets to this extra special screening are on sale NOW!

The John Landis-directed two-hander stars Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as musicians who are “on a mission from God” to save an orphanage. That mission takes them throughout the Midwest, including an unforgettable freeway scene that was filmed right here in Milwaukee. Along the way, viewers will encounter some iconic quotes and loads of laughs.

Why are we telling you the plot? You know this movie, you love it, and you can watch it with us—and sponsors Lakefront Brewery and Gruber Law Offices—by grabbing tickets to the 7 p.m. screening NOW.

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