Way back in early 2020, Milwaukee got its very own Professional Bowlers Association league team. Following thousands of mostly-beer-related name suggestions, Milwaukee’s PBA league team was officially dubbed the Brew City Ballers. Well, prior to the 2022 season, Pabst Blue Ribbon came on as “The Official Beer” of the PBA. Whether it was a part of the sponsorship deal or the league just saw is as a nice re-branding opportunity, the Brew City Ballers got a beer-related name after all when it morphed into the PBR Milwaukee Pounders.

Following two years under its new name, the PBA decided to dissolve the PBR Milwaukee Pounders. Apparently the league (which is now called PBA Elite League) did away with Milwaukee’s team months ago, but we just found out on Saturday when we left the TV on after the Marquette game. In addition to losing the Pounders, the Chicago Breeze also folded. The Kingpins also relocated to New Jersey and the Atom Splitters moved to Akron.

Back to Milwaukee though, in a total of four years of PBA League play, Milwaukee was the only team to not be an Elias Cup Title winner or runner up. They also dealt with a number of injuries during their short tenure. Players from its roster have been assigned to the eight other teams, which now carry six players instead of five. So long, Ballers/Pounders. It’s unfortunate Milwaukee’s professional bowling team couldn’t be…spared.

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