It’s been nearly 10 years since sisters Victoriah and Gabriela Banuelos retired their indie-rock outfit Vic And Gab and transformed into the more pop-leaning REYNA. And while the latter project has produced some of Milwaukee’s best music of the past decade (2023’s Limonada EP is a recent winner), the former has never been far from mind. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Vic And Gab reunion in the works?

Turns out, there is! On Saturday, August 17 at the Vivarium, the sisters Banuelos will play a supporting set as the reunited Vic And Gab. And who will they be supporting? REYNA, of course! So, like the headline says, Vic and Gab (the sisters) will reunite as Vic And Gab (the band), and open for Vic and Gab (the sisters) as REYNA (the band). Got that?

“The songs we created as Vic And Gab still echo pretty loud in our hearts. It feels right to bring those vibes back for just one night, to honor where this whole wild journey kicked off,” the sisters say in a press release. “We know so many of you in Milwaukee hold those songs close to your hearts too, and that means the world to us—thanks for being there, through every new sound and stage we’ve explored. Come out and dance like it’s 2014.”

Back in 2015, the sisters told Milwaukee Record that despite their then-new REYNA transformation, Vic And Gab remained an important part of their careers.

“We love Vic And Gab, everything that it represents, the fans and the songs. It’s kind of sacred to us and we want to leave it that way,” they said.

Tickets to the August 17 show are on sale NOW. Also, remember when Third Coast Digest existed/had offices in the old Shops of Grand Avenue? Neat!

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