“When life hands you lemons, pour yourself some limonada.”

That little sip of affirmation is the animating force behind Limonada, the new EP from long-running Milwaukee synth-pop act REYNA. The record finds sisters Vic and Gab Banuelos (known simply as Vic And Gab pre-2016) not only embracing newfound love, but celebrating their artistic independence. Free from past heartbreaks, love has blossomed; free from major label ties, REYNA has released its most intimate record yet.

“From labels to managers, we’ve seen it all,” says singer and bassist Gab Banuelos on the duo’s decision to release the five-track Limonada on their own Blue Lola Records label. “However, the freedom of doing things on our own terms feels incredible.” That freedom is most evident on opener “Good Time.” Sonically, it’s a song that splits the difference between the earthy indie rock of Vic And Gab and the high-polished dance-pop of early REYNA singles. Lyrically, it’s a bitingly personal song about social anxiety and feeling out of step with a partner. “You walk into the room all eyes on you / Yeah what’s that like?” Gab sings. And later: “Two a.m. fighting again, can’t you go easy on me this time? / Cause I swear I try but I get tongue tied.”


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Make no mistake, the sisters Banuelos delivered some fantastic high-polished dance-pop in their early REYNA years. But on Limonada (and on 2022’s You Could At Least Say Goodbye EP) they feel less constricted, less expected to deliver songs designed to send festival crowds into a frenzy. “Serotonin” borrows the swooning hook from “All I Have To Do Is Dream” and conjures up a cozy tribute to falling in love and snuggling up while watching movies. (Garden State gets a shout-out here.) “Optimist” and “Limoncello” double down on that dreamed-for domesticity: “I wanna bring you cereal, Apple Jacks in bed,” Gab sings on the former. On the latter: “Stay the night watch Disney channel, I don’t wanna keep it subtle / I just wanna be the one you need.”


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All that talk of love and breakfast in bed isn’t just talk. In a press release, Vic explains:

One random night, I decided to slide into a girl’s DMs. Little did I know, we’d crossed paths multiple times over the last six years, but I just didn’t remember her. We were both walking around wounded from our past heartbreaks, and we made this pact to never, ever fall in love again. Swore by it, we were even gonna get matching tattoos that said “no te enamores.” Fast forward three years from that first DM, and here we are, engaged and happier than ever. So I guess it’s true, you know; when life hands you lemons, you might as well mix up some limonada.

“So come on baby stay with me, underneath the lemon tree,” Gab sings on closer “Lemon Tree.” “Remember how you fell for me.” Limonada makes it hard to forget.


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Limonda is currently available via the pay-what-you-want digital platform EVEN (starting at $5). It will be released on all major streaming platforms on October 20.

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