God bless Red Letter Media. For a full decade, the Milwaukee-based film and video company has carved out a sweet slice of internet fame with its insanely popular “Mr. Plinkett” movie reviews, incisive and ridiculous shows like Half In The Bag, and the cherub-like chuckle of Rich Evans. When we last checked in with the gang, they were digging into a Milwaukee-made police instructional tape from 1988 called Surviving Edged Weapons. Now, in a long introduction to their review/takedown of Captain Marvel, Half In The Bag hosts Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman talk about Milwaukee’s chances at landing the 2020 Democratic National Convention (the video was shot before Monday’s news), and hilariously trash the city in the process.

“Milwaukee is classy as fuck!” exclaims Bauman before he and Stoklasa launch into some shitting-on-Milwaukee classics: alcoholism, crappy weather, obnoxious motorcycles, the Bronze Fonz, Dustin Diamond, “a bunch of fatsos” eating fish frys, West Allis bar Walk Her Inn, Drag Her Out (“That’s a real place!”), same-y street festivals, and, um the “200 million people” who attend Summerfest each year. It all ends with Evans/Plinkett tossing off a menacing “Fuck you, [DNC runner-up] Miami!” Fun stuff!

And yeah, they also mostly trash Captain Marvel, which, oh god, everything about comic book movies and Star Wars movies and Ghostbusters movies is so so so so exhausting these days please please please make it stop please please please for the love of god make it stop.

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