Zoinks! According to FOX6, Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. Screech from Saved By Bell, is back behind bars at the Ozaukee County Jail, a month after he was released for a 2014 Christmas Day stabbing incident in a Port Washington bar. This time around, Diamond has been accused of violating his probation.

Diamond began serving a four-month sentence in January for a disorderly conduct conviction. He pulled a knife during an argument with a fellow patron of Port Washington’s Grand Avenue Saloon, though he claimed he was defending his girlfriend and that any injuries were accidental. Earlier this month, Diamond sat down with former Bell cast mate Mario Lopez and said it was time “to put the tomfoolery and malarky behind me. It’s time for that clean slate, time for the change.”

UPDATE: The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department has issued this short statement:

DUSTIN DIAMOND was booked in as an inmate at the Ozaukee County Jail on Wednesday, 5/25/16 at 2:57pm. He is currently being detained on a probation violation issued by the WI DOC – Division of Community Corrections. The Ozaukee County Jail is simply housing DIAMOND on this probation hold, placed by his probation officer. We are not given the detail of this violation and do not know an estimated date of release.

If and when we come by these details, we will share them publicly.

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