David Quinn is quickly making a name for himself in country music circles with a relentless show schedule (at least until recently, of course) and ever-evolving material. The Chicago-based singer’s catalog will grow by 10 more songs on October 23 with the release of his latest and greatest album, Letting Go. Long before Quinn was building a reputation as the front man and namesake of a country project, he was playing drums in a suburban Chicago rock band called Best Defense.

This week, in the days leading up to the release of Letting Go, My First Band host Tyler Maas got in touch with Quinn to talk about the process of recording the forthcoming album, getting an impressive cast of backing musicians to lend their talents to the record, and ways he’s keeping busy in a year that’s left him unable to tour. Over the course of the hour-plus interview, Quinn also talked about his days as a drummer in rock and blues projects, his formative year living in California, the early stages of writing his own material, and his eventual move to country music. Along the way, Quinn also talked at length about his love of Thunderbird Wine.

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