This week’s guest is Julia Blair. In addition to being a member of two long-running and accomplished Wisconsin bands in the form of Dusk and Holy Sheboygan!, Blair released her excellent debut solo album earlier this year. Between putting out that album (and touring in support of it), Blair and her Holy Sheboygan! bandmates released the band’s fifth full-length this year, and Dusk also recorded an album that will come out sometime in 2023. While she has a lot of interesting things happening these days, her artistic backstory is quite compelling as well.

Shortly after returning home from a run of November shows in the Midwest and on the West Coast, Blair chatted with My First Band host Tyler Maas about her big 2022, plans for the year to come, and where it all started. Over the course of the conversation, Blair spoke about playing in an ensemble in high school that performed at weddings and other functions, studying vocal performance at Lawrence University, meeting some of her future Holy Sheboygan! cohorts in college and starting to play out together, the chain of events that found her joining Dusk, and overcoming her apprehensions to finally release a solo record.

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