When we last heard from Sean Williamson, the filmmaker/musician/writer/soon-to-be former Milwaukeean was celebrating the release of his “stark, moving, and quietly brilliant collection” of audio short stories, You’re Doing What I Should Have Done. Now, before he moves to New York and does what many of us should have done, Williamson is unveiling a new radio play entitled “The Street Lights Flickered.” It’s a dark, moody, and unsettling send-off.

“I closed the cabinet and looked into the mirror,” goes the typical passage in the 14-minute piece. “I felt like I was looking at my reflection for the first time and I couldn’t recognize it. But it blinked.” The titular flickering street lights act as a sort of omen, setting Williamson down a dark path littered with old apartments, old girlfriends, Milwaukee neighborhoods, Milwaukee tragedies, and half-forgotten nights. It’s also the story of fatherhood, of being alone, of facing your worst fears and wondering if you’ll fuck it all up.

Williamson will perform “The Street Lights Flickered” live Thursday, April 6 at Var Gallery & Studios. The performance will come complete with live music from Shawn Stephany, sound effects from Peter Murphy, and a guest appearance by WC Tank. Listen below.

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