If you missed the news back in April, Milwaukee Record is 10 now! We’ve been celebrating hitting the decade milestone with a series of events, new product releases, and what qualifies as a “media blitz” (at least by our terms) planned throughout 2024…a.k.a. “The Year Of Milwaukee Record.” Recently, said media blitz continued when the fine folks over at Experience Milwaukee were kind enough to invite Milwaukee Record co-founder/co-editor Tyler Maas to be on their podcast.

Over the course of the fun and freewheeling conversation, Maas chatted with hosts Steve Glynn and Adam Derus about all things Milwaukee Record…and a little bit about Maas’ pre-Record timeline. The episode spends time on how Maas and Matt Wild decided to partner up to launch the publication in the wake of A.V. Club Milwaukee, challenges faced and lessons learned throughout the site’s history, memorable experiences (both of the good and terrible variety), ways people can support independent media like us, and plans for the next 10 years (and beyond) of Milwaukee Record.

Give the episode a listen, then stream Experience Milwaukee’s extensive back catalog of podcast episodes. Thanks for having us, Experience Milwaukee!