You’ve seen the movie a dozen times. You’ve read the book about the making of the movie. You’ve seen the Hollywood movie about the making of the movie based on the book about the making of the movie. You’ve tossed footballs in darkened theaters. But have you seen the bonkers 2003 cult classic The Room with writer/director/producer/star/wraith Tommy Wiseau in attendance? Well, maybe you did in 2010. And 2015. And maybe another time we’re forgetting.

But it’s 2019, and Wiseau is back. On Friday, March 22, and Saturday, March 23, the man himself will be lurking in the shadows of the Oriental Theatre for two screenings of The Room. Tickets for each 9:30 p.m. screening (part of the “Love Is Blind Tour”) are $20, or $18 for Milwaukee Film members. Per Milwaukee Film, “spoons and football tossing encouraged for all audiences.”

Get your tickets here. Also, Wiseau’s next film is about a big shark and it’s called Big Shark.

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