As the singer and guitarist of The Record Company, Chris Vos has released chart-topping songs that have garnered regular radio play, had placement in television and on commercials, and even earned the band a Grammy nomination. During the group’s decade-long run, they’ve toured all around North America and Europe, shared the stage with legends like Robert Plant and John Mayer, played some of the country’s most iconic venues, performed on network television, and enjoyed a number of other experiences that extend far beyond their wildest dreams. With blues-rock band about to hit the road in support of their third album (Play Loud, out today!), there’s no better time to look back on their front man’s musical past.

Prior to that tour, which kicks off at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom this Sunday, Vos spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas about the process of recording the new album, his excitement to start touring again, and the unexpected set of circumstances that turned The Record Company from a living room project into an accomplished band with fans all around the world. Of course, the conversation also focused on his musical start. During the extensive-but-uplifting interview, Vos talked about growing up on a rural Wisconsin dairy farm, starting a high school band, immersing himself in music after moving to Milwaukee, following his wife to Los Angeles, and the classified ad that helped forge The Record Company and change his life forever.

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