Yep, those darn dockless electric scooters are back. Argue?

We spotted some chunky Lime scooters on Downer Avenue Friday morning. Checking the Lime app, it appears the company has deployed its two-wheeled contraptions throughout the entire city, as well as in Wauwatosa. Summer is here, folks!

For now, Lime appears to be the only company to have its scooters out in the Milwaukee wild, though Spin scooters are expected soon. According to a city press release:

After successful pilot studies, where we gained feedback and information about best practices for scooters, the City has established a permanent scooter program. Milwaukee is excited to partner with Lime and Spin, who have both built relationships throughout our community and proved they could operate successfully in our great and diverse city.

Earlier this year, Milwaukee approved a permanent scooter program that allows up to two companies to operate in the city at once. Those operators can deploy 1,000 scooters each—more if they meet certain requirements. The program follows three years of “pilot studies” on how scooters should operate in the city.

And yes, the city is getting paid. Under the new program, operators pay the city $100 for each scooter deployed, and $.25 for each trip recorded. That’s roughly $200,000 for the scooters alone, and, if ridership matches previous years, another $200,000 for rides.

So there you go! Those darn scooters are back! Ride safe, Milwaukee! And don’t ride on the sidewalk! It’s that easy!

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