Everyone knows that Cudahy has a lot of streets named after meatpackers. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, yeah, there are a lot. Anyway, did you also know that the Pick ‘n Save in Cudahy has a lot of Gatorade? Yeah! A lot. We’re regular visitors to the Packard Avenue grocer, and we’ve noticed that in recent months, this particular store always seems to have an unusual amount of Gatorade on display. Why? That’s not our responsibility to figure out.

Anyway, to help you be a better informed Cudahy grocery shopper, here are our rankings of the nine (nine!) Gatorade displays currently visible at Cudahy’s Pick ‘n Save.

9. Beverage section, next to generic soda
Names of generic Dr. Peppers are always fun.

8. Endcap

7. Beverage section, next to Diet Coke
Think they’ll ever make Arctic Blitz Diet Coke?

6. Gatorade Island
This used to be two smaller displays, but they joined forces in mid-October.

5. Endcap
Nice try, Lipton Iced Tea.

4. Beverage section, next to more Gatorade

3. Liquor section, next to water and wine
Gatorade was the second miracle.

2. Dairy section, next to hamburger buns and toilet paper
Welcome to Cudahy.

1. Produce section, next to juices and bacon

Thank you, Cudahy Pick ‘n Save, for helping us all be a little more like Mike.