Looking for new music? Looking for new Milwaukee music? Then look no further than our monthly Milwaukee Music Roundup. (Want to hear us discuss a few selections on WUWM’s Lake Effect? Click HERE.)


The Beat Index – Volume One: Juvenilia

Cairns – empty space // sacred place

Floor Model – Slightly Damaged

Ghost Runner – “The Best Years Of Our Lives”

Guerrilla Ghost – We Get What We Deserve

Indonesian Junk – A Life Of Crimes

Jason Wietlispach – Sea Of Drone

Jonathan Burks – Self Talk

L’Resorts – Bad Love

Mario Lanza – Come To View

Phat Nerdz – Not A Crowd In The Sky

Reins Daily – USA 2020 (Part 1)

Rum Revere – One Rum

Rum Revere – Aye Aye EP

Sleestak – Aeon

Social Caterpillar – (Distance)

Space Raft – Approximately Space Raft

Two And A Half Stars – s/t

Yo Dot – Sc2


Abby Jeanne – “Stop And Listen”

B~Free & Quinten Farr – “Say It”

Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – “HEARTFAKE”

Eli $tones – “Saved”

Fiona Blue – “Resurrected”

GGOOLLDD – “Long Distance Pandemic”

Hot By Ziggy – “Hitch My Love”

Hot By Ziggy – “Falling”

Lorde Fredd33 – “Norf Korea”

Nick Berg – “Disappointment”

Nile – “Forest Of Giant”

The Quilz – “Hello”

Soup Moat – “Crow”

The Unitaskers – “French Tuck!”

Wave Chapelle – “Legacy ft. Hashiem Brown”


Ceiling Spirits – “Patterns”

Chris Haise Band – “Bag Full Of Bones”

Desi – “Don’t Trip”

Fuzzysurf – “She Was Crying Sugar”

Ghost Runner – “The Best Years Of Our Lives”

Honey Creek – “D.O.G.D.”

Indonesian Junk – “City Lights”

King Myles – “Subliminal”

LUXI – “Nightmare”

LUXI – “Virtual Underworld”

Mike Mike – “I Got Drop”

Paper Holland – “Back To The Sea”

The Quilz – “Hello”

Social Caterpillar – “For Emily Forever From Now”

Taiyamo Denku – “The Spark (feat. Ca$ablanca & Mikey D of Main Source)”

Twan Mack – “Born 4 This”