You’ve already memorized the 2024 Summerfest lineup, right? Well, commit a few more names and dates to memory, because the Big Gig just released the lineup for its American Family Insurance House. Fun!

The cozy AmFam House—located just behind the Mid Gate Fountain—has hosted intimate, first-come-first-served, and FREE performances from acts who are playing bigger stages later in the day since 2019. “Fans are encouraged to line up one hour prior to the start time of each artist performance or interactive Q&A session at the American Family Insurance House,” says Summerfest. “The first 50 people in line will also receive the opportunity to experience a post-show, VIP meet-and-greet with the artist.”

Like we said, fun! Anyway, here’s the lineup. AND IT INCLUDES THE GIN BLOSSOMS. Summerfest 2024 is set for June 20-22, June 27-29, and July 4-6.

June 20
2 p.m. Jonah Kagen
4 p.m. Gin Blossoms

June 21
2 p.m. Bryce Vine
4 p.m. Chelsea Cutler

June 22
2 p.m. Allen Stone
4 p.m. Doom Flamingo

June 27
12:15 p.m. Grace Weber’s Music Lab
4 p.m. Boys Like Girls

June 28
2 p.m. Briston Maroney
4 p.m. Jessie Murph

June 29
2 p.m. Alana Springsteen
4 p.m. Mario

July 4
2 p.m. Fiji Blue
4 p.m. Mt. Joy

July 5
TBA Cimafunk

July 6
2 p.m. Seaforth
4 p.m. TBA

And oh yeah, we almost forgot: You can totally make your own Summerfest fanny packs at the AmFam House! Here’s our cherished creation from 2023:

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