While you might not know Erik Stolhanske by name alone, you’re surely aware of his work with Broken Lizard. The comedy troupe—of which Stolhanske is one-fifth—is responsible for such cult comedy classics as Super Troopers, Beerfest, Club Dread, and The Slammin’ Salmon. A few weeks after the release of Super Troopers 2, Stolhanske came to Milwaukee to perform at Turner Hall.

Prior to his show, Stolhanske met host Tyler Maas in a hotel lobby to discuss his latest film, the inner workings of Broken Lizard, memorable moments from set, and his Midwestern roots. The actor and comedian also opened up about growing up with a wooden leg, how his childhood obstacle helped develop his personality and inform his sense of humor, and how everyone has their own “wooden leg” to overcome.

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