Though it’s quite possible you missed it with all of today’s Packers analysis, everyone making almost identical jokes about Hugh Hefner’s passing, and any number of new fodder being fed into the never-ending political dumpster fire, today is apparently also a holiday of sorts. Yes, since it can’t just Thursday anymore, today has also been dubbed “Drink Beer Day” on the internet. Despite just learning about this holiday today, we’ve fortunately been treating every day as if it’s Drink Beer Day. That’s not tough to do in and around Milwaukee, especially lately.

Our region has been blessed with a wealth of excellent breweries, including more than a dozen that have popped up within the past 18 months. As the city is in the throes of a brewery boom, we here at Milwaukee Record have done our best to keep up. Outside of the brand new 1840 Brewing Company (which is only open two days each month) and the return of Pabst’s new Milwaukee digs, we’ve visited every brewery that’s came onto the scene since 2016. In an effort to help you celebrate this fake internet holiday in a locally-minded way, here’s our first impression of every new Milwaukee (and Milwaukee area brewery).

Black Husky Brewing
Black Husky’s unofficial motto is “The best brewery you’ve never heard of.” Now that the secret is out, the newest microbrewery to hit Milwaukee will have to settle for being a great brewery we have heard of. Welcome to town, Black Husky. We think you’ll like it here, almost as much as Milwaukee is going to like you.. [Full review]

Broken Bat
Perhaps the young brewery was called up too early. Maybe it’s just one or two steady contributors from starting a dynasty. Early 0-fer aside, with its interesting theme and a great space in a neighborhood that’s underrepresented in Milwaukee’s ongoing beer boom, Broken Bat has all the tools to adjust its approach and one day be a trusted role player in local craft brewing. Both baseball and brewing are full of missed opportunities. Luckily, people tend to only remember the hits. [Full review]

City Lights Brewing Company
If there’s a tipping point in Milwaukee brewing, we haven’t seen it. City Lights is the latest and, at least based on early returns, among the greatest in the ever-growing new crop of local crafters. With a refreshing new focus and a one-of-a-kind change of scenery, City Lights is sure to help illuminate some of the outstanding things brewing in Milwaukee lately. [Full review]

Eagle Park Brewing Company
To borrow from the young endeavor’s musical lexicon, Eagle Park in its current state is like an encouraging demo from a new project. While not every song (or beer) will be on the album (or tap list) when it comes out a year from now, a few will. Components of some that don’t make the cut will be used to improve new efforts. The name and logo are in place, T-shirts and stickers have been made, and the first introduction has been presented to the senses of strangers. The early offering might be a little down the middle and rough around the edges, but there’s clear promise. With time as well as some mixing and mastering, Eagle Park Brewing Company could one day be in regular rotation among Milwaukee beer aficionados. [Full review]

The Explorium Brewpub
While this Greendale operation isn’t better than them all, it’s certainly better than the mall. With food that outshines its national chain contemporaries and beer that—while more down-the-middle than most—is not hurting the reputation of local microbrewing, The Explorium is a fine place to “Explore. Taste. Discover.” if your travels are already taking you to Southridge Mall. [Full review]

Gathering Place Brewing Company
Milwaukee needed another brewery as much as it needed another crowdfunding campaign. Fortunately, the Kickstarted brewery just so happens to be one of (if not the) best of the new batch to open in the city this year. Gathering Place was made possible because hundreds of people gave money to help make one promising brewer’s dream a reality. It’s safe to say the investment has already paid off. [Full review]

Good City Brewing Company
When combined with the food we enjoyed and the relaxing environment, the taproom is absolutely worth a visit. East Side nightlife might be slumping at the moment, but with new places like Good City Brewing filling gaps, we have a feeling things are going to be just fine. [Full review]

Like Minds MKE
Admittedly, the beer doesn’t stand particularly strong on its own when compared to some local newcomers who have cropped up during the brewery’s absence. Yet when conjoined with a whimsical, weaving, and adventurous menu that’s served in a comfy space hidden on a residential block of the lower East Side, it just all sort of comes together. It wasn’t pretty and it surely wasn’t easy, but Like Minds fought the law and won. As a result, so did Milwaukee. [Full review]

MobCraft Beer
While we can’t say our inaugural trip to MobCraft Beer’s new digs left us with much faith in drinking democracy, we’re pleased there’s another brewery adding its own unique, voting-based flare to Milwaukee’s ever-improving brewing landscape. Sure, we’ll abstain from checking anything else off the IPA portion of the ballot, but between the fun space, prime location, and (for better or worse) the interesting places MobCraft is taking its selection, we welcome this Madison expat to town with open arms, and we hope you do the same. [Full review]

Third Space Brewing Company
Third Space might be one of the last breweries to arrive at the party in 2016, an unheard of year in Milwaukee micro expansion, but it’s quickly set itself apart from the vast majority of its new counterparts. Between its small, robust assemblage of beers that dodge regional expectation, and an unabashed aim on flooding the local market with it, Third Space has the makings of a brewer you’ll be hearing a lot more from in 2017. Thank goodness for that. [Full review]

Urban Harvest Brewing Company
Urban Harvest might lack the size, local notoriety, marketing flare, and, frankly, some of the brewing acumen of its neighbors. Yet if the street’s smallest brewing operation narrows down its tap list to a select few drafts and allows those do the talking for them, there’s surely enough room on 5th Street for three breweries to thrive. [Full review]

Westallion Brewing Company
One of the region’s latest craft breweries—and West Allis’ first—shows there’s still some room to grow, both stylistically and geographically. With respectable-to-quality takes on unconventional varieties, Westallion showcases its pride for ‘Stallis with its decor, the names of its beer, and a level of early execution that’s worth checking out first hand. [Full review]

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