Festivals are coming back! In addition to the return of time-honored local celebrations that help Milwaukee earn its “City Of Festivals” moniker, there are a number of new area block parties, music series, and one-off fests that are continually being added to our ever-growing summer event calendar.

Yesterday, an upcoming event at Boone & Crockett became the latest such addition to Milwaukee’s once-again-bursting festival calendar with a celebration of a specific boozy and bubbly beverage type. The bar will host the “Inaugural Milwaukee Seltzer Fest” on Sunday, July 25. From 1-5 p.m., the Harbor District bar’s sprawling parking lot will feature 15 vendors serving people a total of 30 different hard seltzer and hard kombucha varieties.

Among those on hand to serve samples to Seltzer Fest attendees include the following brands: Bud Lite, Central Waters, Cloudless, Coors, Corona, June Shine, Milwaukee Brewing Company, New Belgium, Press, Sierra Nevada, Truly, Vizzy, White Claw, and Wild Basin.

Tickets cost $40 and include 30 seltzer samples. They’re on sale now. Those who buy tickets to this event can also add a $12 “Boone Box” 12-pack to bring home with them. Check the Facebook event for more information on the Inaugural Milwaukee Seltzer Fest.

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