This week on On The Record, we sit down with author (and occasional Milwaukee Record contributor) Tea Krulos to talk about his latest book, Monster Hunters: On The Trail With Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, And Other Paranormal Investigators. In the book, Krulos seeks out, as the title suggests, ghost hunters, cryptozoologists and many other colorful characters, including the local Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. He visits with them, tags along with them, and in the case of PIM, becomes a member and goes a series of investigations with them. Again, as the title suggests, the book isn’t really about ghosts and Bigfoot and UFOs, but about the people who dedicate their lives to these pursuits. Monster Hunters is being released in June by Chicago Review Press, and comes highly recommended.

Also recommended is the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, Saturday June 6 at the Irish Cultural and Heritage Center. The conference is organized by Krulos, and it will feature a ton of guest speakers—some of whom are profiled in his book—along with panels, film screenings, demonstrations, and a whole lot more. We talk to Krulos about this (free!) conference at the back end of the podcast, and it sounds like a hoot. If there any fellow authors out there, this is how you launch a book.

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