Rankings! Comparing things and determining where they rank is a great way to get engagement from readers. It’s usually good for some solid page views. Sometimes a last-minute ranking article is a nice replacement for actually covering something with a full-fledged article. And yeah, these posts are often pretty fast, easy, and enjoyable to put together. Seems like a win-win!

In the first 50 weeks of 2023, Milwaukee Record has published a total of 18 ranking articles. Some were written to preview things like Packers games, festivals, or concerts. Others tied into an upcoming holiday. Some we posted just for no specific reason beyond me thinking it’d be fun for people to read and weigh in on. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2023 and we officially bring our “Best Of Week”—sponsored by Lakefront Brewery—to a close, we’re going to rank this year’s ranking articles.

18. The 22 Raiders starting quarterbacks of the last 20 years, ranked
17. Possible Aaron Rodgers offseason outcomes, ranked
16. Reba McEntire and 17 other celebrities who played Colonel Sanders, ranked
15. Milwaukee Metal Fest band names, ranked
14. Milwaukee’s seasons, ranked
13. The 16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterbacks of the last 20 years, ranked
12. Here are 18 examples of Jrue Holiday’s awesomeness, ranked
11. Starburst original fun size duos, ranked
10. The 7 Green Bay Packers starting quarterbacks of the last 30 seasons, ranked
9. Common spellings of Bay View, ranked
8. Days of Summerfest, ranked
7. Famous Racing Sausages, ranked
6. Here are 20 Milwaukee nicknames, ranked
5. Milwaukee Brewers logos, ranked
4. Letters in the word Milwaukee, ranked
3. We ranked all the bleachers at Summerfest in advance of tonight’s Bleachers show
2. Wisconsin area codes, ranked
1. The 15 best State of Wisconsin special license plates, ranked

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