Are you tired of hearing about Aaron Rodgers this offseason? I sure as hell am! Now that No. 12 has emerged from his weird darkness retreat and flurry of quarterback-related transactions will surely be occurring the moment the NFL’s free agency period begins March 15, a decision on Rodgers’ future with the Packers could conceivably happen any day now.

Instead of speculating about Rodgers’ mindset, blindly guessing the motivations of Green Bay’s front office, or predicting the possibility of a Jordan Love holdout or trade request if the current leader of the Pack remains under center in 2023 (and beyond?), I’m just going to cut to the chase and rank my preferred Aaron Rodgers offseason outcomes.

Yes, I know there a different factors that come into play if Rodgers is traded by a certain date. And yeah, I’m aware that Green Bay will be financially hammered by “dead cap” due to Rodgers’ contract whether or not he remains on the team. However, I’m not going to try to crunch numbers or get into specifics here. I’ll leave that to literally everyone else on earth. Instead, here’s a list of how I hope things go down—listed in order of least desirable to most desirable. Enjoy! Or more likely, get irrationally angry and play armchair GM in Facebook or Twitter comments I won’t read. OKAY, HERE WE GO!!!

4. Packers inexplicably decide to extend Rodgers’ contract beyond the 2024 season
3. Rodgers stays with Packers in 2023
2. Rodgers retires
1. Packers trade Rodgers and exercise Jordan Love’s 5th-year option

Thanks for that one Super Bowl and for all the great memories, Aaron. It was fun until it wasn’t. Now it’s time to let Love in.

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