Over the course of her incomparable career, Reba McEntire has done it all. During the last 45 years, the “Queen Of Country” has recorded countless hits for her 30-plus albums that have sold more than 75 million copies (and counting!). Adding to her amazing musical output, Reba was the star and namesake of a popular sitcom, is an accomplished film and voiceover actor, a remarkable philanthropist, and a cultural touchstone. Heck, she even made history by becoming the first female Colonel Sanders during a series of ad spots that aired in 2018.

Before Reba comes to Fiserv Forum to treat Milwaukee to what’s sure to be an incredible performance on March 17, we figured we would see where ranks among celebrities who have donned the Colonel’s costume. Between wrestlers dressed up for mid-match branded content, actors and comedians wearing the white wig for TV commercials, and even one hunk hocking chicken during a advert-turned-Lifetime movie, lots of men (and one woman) have portrayed the Colonel. Here’s how we think they stack up again each other.

18 and 17. Christopher Boyer and a brief Wayne Knight Colonel cameo

16. Vincent Kartheiser
Can’t find this one.

15. Dolph Ziggler

14. Rob Lowe

13. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

12. Jim Gaffigan

11. Billy Zane

10. Rob Riggle

9. George Hamilton

8. Jason Alexander

7. Sean Astin

6. Peter Weller

5. Mario Lopez

4. Darrell Hammond

3. Reba McEntire

2. Ray Liotta

1. Norm Macdonald


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