They’re the first (and the best) of their kind. They’ve been repeatedly imitated by mid-inning promotions at other ballparks, but never successfully replicated. Though they were only created 30 years ago, they’re now an indelible part of the Brewers home game experience and are beloved by fans of all ages. Though their sponsor has changed through the years, new sausages were added, names have changed, and some of the costume designs (featuring broad ethic stereotypes) haven’t aged particularly well, they’re still the best. Of course we are referring to the Famous Racing Sausages.

The Famous Racing Sausages require no introduction, so I won’t give them one. Instead, I’ll quickly rank all five of the Famous Racing Sausages in order of my personal preference using zero data to explain my findings. And before you rush to the comment section to let me have it, I want to make it abundantly clear that all of these sausages rule, but…frankly, some are just better than others. Here are the rankings from wurst to first.

5. Hot Dog

4. Polish

3. Chorizo

2. Italian

1. Brat a.k.a. Bratwurst