As much as I hate to say it, another installment of Summerfest is almost fully in the books. Collectively speaking, Milwaukee Record has been at every day of the Big Gig so far this year and—barring something unforeseen and unfortunate happening—we’ll be in attendance the final two days as well. Through this writer personally favors the old format, it appears the three-weekend schedule is here to stay. If that’s the case, then so be it.

Anyway, as Milwaukee nears the end of its third year of the nine-day Summerfest format, I took a few minutes (literally about five minutes) to rank all nine days of the festival in order of my personal preference. These rankings are specifically related to the day itself, not other factors like who’s performing or what that day’s promotion is. Days only! So how does my list stack up to yours? Oh yeah, I forgot we got rid of the comment section on the site a few years back. Well…enjoy my list, I guess!

9. The first Friday

8. The second Thursday

7. The last Friday

6. The second Saturday

5. The first Saturday

4. The last Thursday

3. The second Friday

2. The last Saturday

1. The first Thursday

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We ranked all the bleachers at Summerfest in advance of tonight’s Bleachers show

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