Has it really been 10 years since kinda-sorta-reality and failing-bar-revamp show Bar Rescue blew into Milwaukee and “rescued” two Milwaukee bars? Good grief, it has…

Remember in 2014, when host John Taffer and company transformed beloved East Side dive bar Y-Not III into a ’70s-themed Smirnoff cocktail emporium called Nick’s House? Remember when Nick’s House closed two years later—and was straight-up demolished two months after that? (The site remains an empty lot to this day.) Remember when things went a little better for south side bar Packy’s, which was transformed into Campbell’s Irish Pub, also in 2014? (Campbell’s closed in 2022, and is set to become El Paraíso Restaurant Bar.)

Wild times. Anyway, in the words of that Grand Theft Auto guy: Ah shit, here we go again.

Yep, Bar Rescue is sniffing around Milwaukee again. On Tuesday, a bar that definitely doesn’t need rescuing—The Mothership—shared an email it received from the show. “Bar Rescue in Milwaukee” reads the subject line. “We are currently casting and interviewing bars in your area,” reads the text, “let me know if you guys are interested.” Huh!

Also: Bar Rescue is still on?!

Any other bars get an email from Bar Rescue? Let us know! (UPDATE: Yep, it sounds like a lot of other Milwaukee bars got an email.)

Are we excited for the show’s return to Milwaukee? Sure, why not! Will we cover the ever-living shit out of the new Milwaukee “rescues,” just like we did the old Milwaukee “rescues”? (See “Related Articles” below.) OH GOD, WE CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE! THAT CHICKEN IS RAW! WE’RE GOING IN! STAY TUNED!

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