Are we really running another post about Bar Rescue’s upcoming Y-Not III/Nick’s House episode? To paraphrase BR host John Taffer, “YOU’RE GODDAMN RIGHT WE ARE!!! NOW COME DOWNSTAIRS FOR A STAFF MEETING!!!” Yes, in advance of Sunday’s “SHUT IT DOWN!” shit-storm, Bar Rescue has released two advance clips in which longtime East Side dive Y-Not III is transformed into brand-new East Side dive Nick’s House. In the first, we get a little background on the Y-Not chain of bars, some nice info on the De Palma family, and a few kind words about the Y-Not III. Just kidding on the last part: according to the clip, it’s the “black sheep” of the Y-Not bars and a total hell-hole that’s losing $65,000 a year.

In the second clip, the gelatinous Taffer rips into owner Nick De Palma, accusing him of “playing big-shot on [his] family’s money,” and claiming he’s the first bar owner featured on the show who is “just pathetic.” (The clip is titled “Idiotic Ownership Is Killing This Bar,” after all.) Big words from a guy whose idea of rescuing a bar is turning it into a set from That ’70s Show and serving Smirnoff-drenched “Farrah Frosty” drinks.