Today in “This is a thing. Of course this is a thing. How has this not always been a thing?” news, a Star Wars burlesque parody called The Empire Strips Back is coming to the Riverside Theater on Saturday, April 13. The show hails from a galaxy far, far away—a.k.a. Australia.

Here’s a description of the show, straight from the sexy tauntaun’s mouth:

Featuring all of the classic Star Wars™ characters, The Empire Strips Back – A Burlesque Parody takes audiences to a galaxy far, far away, creating one of the most unforgettable (and unauthorized) theatrical versions of the beloved franchise. Combining striptease, song and dance, troupe routines and plenty of humor, audiences are transported into the world of burlesque to witness a menacing troop of seriously sexy Stormtroopers, a dangerously seductive Boba Fett, tantalizing Twi’leks, a delightfully lukewarm Taun Taun, a lady-like Skywalker, and of course, scantily clad and daring Droids. Even Darth Vader will explore her feminine side with a fantastical twist.

Reserved seating tickets to the 18+ show are $35, $45, $55, or $79.50, and go on sale Friday, January 18 at 10 a.m. Like Yoda once said to his troupe of burlesque dancers: Your clothes. You will not need them.

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