This week’s guest is Davey von Bohlen, who you might know from influential Midwest emo acts like The Promise Ring and Cap’n Jazz or from his work in Maritime. Long before he was helping to usher in a genre’s second wave and putting Milwaukee music back on the map with some timeless records, von Bohlen was learning how to play guitar and emptying basement shows out as a member of Ten Boy Summer.

Recently, the legendary frontman spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas about his early musical attempts, what he’s up to now, and pretty much everything that happened in between. Over the course of the TWO-HOUR conversation, Davey opened up about joining Cap’n Jazz, reluctantly coming on as The Promise Ring’s singer and the band’s unexpected popularity, the path to starting Maritime (and where he feels the band is at this point in time), and jamming in a project called Vermont. Along the way, von Bohlen talked about his basketball coaching aspirations, performing on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, earning a Platinum record for singing on a Jimmy Eat World album, and all the ups and downs from his 30-plus years on stage.

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