The 2023 Milwaukee Film Festival is right around the corner—April 20 – May 4 around the corner, to be exact. You’ve seen the previous announcements about various films, but have you seen THE ENTIRE PROGRAM? Probably not, but now you can!


“The time has come!” says Milwaukee Film. “You can now immerse yourself in the complete program guide for the 2023 Milwaukee Film Festival, featuring Opening Night to Closing Night with everything in-between! Plot out your two weeks of cine binging down to the minute. You can still buy passes and ticket packages at a discounted rate, but hurry, ticket packages will cease to be on April 9th, and pass prices will be final on April 10th.”

If you’re looking for a more immersive, less PDF-y program experience, MFF2023’s online festival guide is the place to go. Physical program books, according to Milwaukee Film, are being printed AS WE SPEAK.

The festival will feature 135 feature films and 148 short films screening at the Oriental Theatre, the Avalon Theater, and Times Cinema. As always, Milwaukee Record will be the proud presenter of the Cinema Hooligante program, which rules.

We’ll have our own guide and recommendations closer to the fest. Until then, DIG IN. (And yeah, due to the A24 re-release, there won’t be a Stop Making Sense dance party this year. But there will be Madonna’s Truth Or Dare! Dancing is encouraged!)

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