Earlier this month we brought you news that Nick’s House—the former Y-Not III that was given a Bar Rescue overhaul in 2014—was, in the parlance of Bar Rescue host John Taffer, SHUTTING IT DOWN. Now, the bar is in the midst of a going-out-of-business (or would that be “already-out-of-business”?) “yard sale,” in which patrons who apparently didn’t patronize the place enough can buy vintage furniture, bar fixtures, velvet paintings, and anything else not nailed down.

A quick peak inside Nick’s House Sunday afternoon revealed oodles of retro and retro-esque bar stools and furniture hovering around the $100 mark, a ton of wooden cabana chairs going for $20 each, a Y-Not III sign, lots of glasses and mugs, sound equipment, those beloved velvet paintings, and a healthy stack of board games (including Trump: The Game, of all things). The sale runs throughout the week, from noon-4 p.m.