In case you missed it, Miller Park is now American Family Field. It has been since January 1. Sigh. Oh well, it is what it is, folks.

Anyway, a new American Family Field sign was placed outside the former Miller Park earlier today. Since we were apparently the only Milwaukee news outlet not invited to the unveiling (it’s okay, we’re used to it), we drove by the thing instead. Please enjoy (?) this hastily edited video of this important moment in time.

We did get a press release earlier in the day, however, which contained this media note: “Please do not report on dates of the installation schedule as it is tentative based on weather. In addition, the Club adheres to local COVID guidelines and does not want to encourage crowds during a global pandemic.” So yeah, don’t do that, folks. Like we said, it is what it is.

(What will happen to the old Miller Park signs? According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “The old Miller Park sign remains property of MolsonCoors. The company released a statement saying it was working with the Brewers on the next course of action for the signage, but some signs would be ‘preserved on our Miller Valley campus forever.'”)

(Oh, and one last thing, courtesy of Miller Park Drunk.)

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