You already know the big news: Beginning in 2021, American Family Insurance will take over naming rights of Miller Park. What the renamed ballpark will be called “will be announced at a later date.”

Until then, here are the (first) inevitable “OH GOD PLEASE KEEP THE NAME ‘MILLER PARK'” petitions that have popped up on, along with the number of signatures each has garnered as of this writing:

Keep “Miller Park” as the official name for the home of the Milwaukee Brewers (2,409 signatures)
“With the amount of money involved in naming rights to stadiums, the main goal to accomplish here is to simply show these organizations that they are making a mistake. Putting forth a convincing petition can create further meetings and negotiations between these companies. Sign the petition to keep the home of the Milwaukee Brewers the most accurate and fittingly named park in all of sports!”

Keep The Name “Miller Park” (70 signatures)
“This name is not just a name, it’s a part of the team. They are not the Milwaukee Underwriters…they are the Milwaukee BREWERS and deserve ‘Miller Park.'”

Keep The Name Miller Park (31 signatures)
“Hearing anything other than Miller Park makes me sad. Miller company needs to keep the name and not American Family Insurance. It’s been Miller Park and it should stay that way.”

Go Brewers.