Before anyone says it, fine: we’re super pissed we weren’t invited for a “sneak peek” of the new Wahlburgers coming to The Corners of Brookfield. What did we do to deserve this fate, Wahlburgers? We dutifully copied and pasted your press release when you first announced your impending arrival. We kept the “Good Vibrations” and New Kids On The Block references to a minimum. We tried. How will our readers know when you’re opening (September 24) and what you’ll look like inside (kind of green, apparently)? WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US.

Happily, every other Milwaukee media outlet and their mothers were invited to check out WISCONSIN’S FIRST WAHLBURGERS. Yes, the burger chain is the creation of Chef Paul Wahlberg and two of his brothers, actors Mark and Donnie. Yes, they’re eventually opening another Wahlburgers in the Third Ward. And yes, it’s just another burger joint. But that didn’t stop Milwaukee from pulling out all the sneak-peek stops on Wednesday. Here are just some of those sneak peeks (we’re waiting on the Xpressions Journal slideshow), arbitrarily ranked.

6. CBS58: Wahlburgers restaurant opens Tuesday at The Corners of Brookfield
“The first Wahlburgers restaurant in Wisconsin is getting ready to open next week at The Corners of Brookfield at I-94 and Barker Road.”

5. Milwaukee Business Journal: Get an early look at Wisconsin’s first Wahlburgers restaurant: Slideshow
“Wahlberg visited Brookfield on Wednesday to lead a preview of the restaurant with members of the media. Click through the attached slideshow to see the new dining spot and some of its menu items.”

4. TMJ4: Paul Wahlberg talks new Wahlburgers location opening up in Brookfield

3. BizTimes: Sneak peek inside Wahlburgers’ first Wisconsin location in Brookfield
“As the company prepares to open its first Wisconsin location on Sept. 24, Wahlberg led members of the media on a tour of The Corners of Brookfield restaurant. He shared personal stories and insight on operating a family-owned restaurant.”

2. OnMilwaukee: Take a peek at Wahlburgers, which opens Tuesday at Corners of Brookfield
“Wisconsin’s first Wahlburgers restaurant is slated to open at The Corners of Brookfield on Tuesday, Sept. 24. But we’ve got a preview that gives you all the information you need before you go.”

1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Here’s a sneak peek of Wahlburgers at The Corners of Brookfield before it opens next week
“Wahlberg said, in a Boston drawl, that people around Milwaukee are ‘too friggin’ nice.’ He added that Wahlburgers wants to live up to that Midwestern kindness, friendliness and quality.”

Honorable “Just a Facebook post” mention
WISN 12: “Chef Paul Wahlberg was checking out the new Wahlburgers restaurant in Brookfield today! It opens Sept. 24. Will you go?”

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