And then there were 17. After starting June 22 to accommodate bands embarking on tour, the opening round of the 32-band three-on-three Bandsketball MKE tournament is finally (almost) complete. Calamity Janes And The Fratney Street Band still need to take on Cave Wives, but the other 15 first round games are in the books. Here are the results:

Higher Education Records def. The Flood
Sex Forecast def. Scrimshaw
Aluar pearls def. Texas Tapeworms
WebsterX def. Ugly Brothers
Ladders def. Soul Low
Lousy Trouts def. Migo
Caley Conway And The Lucy Cukes def. WORK
WC Tank def. Grasping at Straws
Sat. Nite Duets def. Rio Turbo
Platinum Boys def. No Brainer
SAFS CREW def. Antler House
Newly Breds def. Pow Wow
Thriftones def. Absolutely
Cherryball def. Animals In Human Attire
Kane Place Record Club def. Bum Illeum

The tournament resumes Saturday, July 19. Here’s the schedule:

(11:00 a.m.) WC TANK vs. Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes
(11:00 a.m.) Calamity Janes and the Fratney Street Band vs. The Cavewives
(noon) Sat. Nite Duets vs Higher Education Records
(noon) Winner of Calamity Janes and the FSB and The Cave Wives game vs. Sex Forecast
(12:30 p.m.) The Aluar Pearls vs. WebsterX
(1:00 p.m.) Lousy Trouts vs. Ladders
(1:30 p.m.) Platinum Boys vs. SAFS CREW
(2:00 p.m.) Cherryball vs. Kane Place Record Club

Newlybreds and Thriftones cannot play Saturday and will reschedule their game.

The elite eight will compete July 27 (time TBA). The semi-finals and finals will occur during Breadfest August 2. Games take place at the Center and Fratney Street basketball courts. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


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