As the world continues to devolve into an inhospitable post-apocalyptic hellscape, only two things are certain: we’re all doomed, and longtime Milwaukee new wave/goof-rock band Xposed 4Heads will provide the proper musical accompaniment. Behold the group’s latest single and video, “Mess Up”!

“We’ve gone too far / We’re in too deep/ Do the Mess Up!” cries frontman Mark G.E. Is the “Mess Up” a dance? A call to arms? Or is it just something the human race has been doing all along? YOU DECIDE.

The video was directed by G.E. in collaboration with his son, Alexander Eberhag. “The video uses AI-created future dystopian brutalist backgrounds as the song centers on the decay of civilization,” reads the description. Oh, and it’s currently making its way through the international film festival circuit!

If you’re looking to do the “Mess Up” alongside your fellow humans, check out Xposed 4Heads Friday, February 2 at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn. There, the band will host a “Power Pop Dance Party” with ’70s/’80s power-pop group The DIFF. The Boston-based band is celebrating the release of its debut record—after 40-plus years! Maybe we’re not doomed after all…

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