Death. Taxes. The government secretly controlling your every thought and emotion and covering up the truth behind UFOs/UAP. These are life’s certainties, and Milwaukee’s Xposed 4Heads are here to investigate them. (Well, the last bit, anyway.)

In “Kink In The System,” the latest offering from the long-running new wave goof-rock band, frontman Mark G.E. assumes the role of an institutionalized truth-teller. “There’s a theory without any facts,” he begins, before spouting off about thought-controlling radar, idea-stealing insects, and Roswell. It’s all set to the group’s signature Devo-esque sound, and accompanied by the group’s retro-DIY video production. Also, remember when conspiracy theories only covered relatively harmless junk like thought-controlling radar, idea-stealing insects, and Roswell?

“Kink In The System” is from Xposed 4Heads’ upcoming sci-fi-themed opus, Planet A’ Go​-​Go, due September 10. Until then, bust out the tinfoil hats and enjoy the song/video below.

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