If you’re looking for wacky, irreverent, and delightfully catchy new wave music that owes more than a debt to bands like Devo, look no further than Milwaukee’s Xposed 4Heads. Founded in 1982 by Joy Farm mastermind Mark G.E., the 4Heads were an on-and-off concern for decades; beginning with 2015’s Choose To Be Human, however, the group re-established itself as a modern recording (and performing) mainstay. Urgency Squad was released in 2017, followed by this year’s rock-solid Ultra Cloud. “Simple solutions for complex times / Cheer up, it’s party time” sings G.E. on Ultra Cloud‘s “Stuck In Orbit.” If there’s a recurring theme buzzing through the music of Xposed 4Heads, this is it.

Another recurring theme: wonderfully kitschy DIY videos. Recent years have seen the 4Heads offer up such gems as “Sing Along Again,” “Save All Monsters,” and “Slack It.” Now comes a clip for “Thrust,” an Ultra Cloud highlight that doesn’t skimp on space-themed double-entendres. There’s nothing too racy here, but watching Xposed 4Heads and the ever-present Star Girls bop along to lines like “Booster rockets giving us lift / Going for the Doppler shift” is enough to put a spring in anyone’s (one small) step.

The “Thrust” video was directed by G.E., with animation by Wendy Norton. The Xposed 4Heads’ next gig is the Milwaukee Krampusnacht celebration at the Bavarian Bierhaus on December 5, obviously.

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