When we last checked in with Xposed 4Heads, the on-again, off-again, three-decades-and-counting Milwaukee goof-rock band was celebrating the holidays—all the holidays—with a wacky tune called “Sing Along Again (The All Holiday Song).” Complete with a video that gave new meaning to the term “handmade,” the song perfectly exemplified the prankish spirit of the group, and gave folks who count They Might Be Giants and Too Much Joy as their favorite bands something to geek out to. Now, Xposed 4Heads are setting their silly sights on a more specific holiday target: Halloween.

Yes, “Save All Monsters” has everything one needs in a zany, spooky Halloween tune: a vibe straight out of the “Monster Mash,” a title that nods to seminal Detroit band Destroy All Monsters (as well as the 1968 Godzilla movie of the same name), and a delightful Day-Glo video courtesy of Milwaukee author and illustrator Andy Rash. (“This ‘animation’ was shot live, and is actually paper rod puppets lit by blacklights,” explains Rash on his site, making it even more delightful.) Call your ghouls, make the scene, and save all monsters for Halloween below.

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