Though Gareth Reynolds is a writer, actor, improvisor, and touring stand-up comedian, the Brown Deer native is known to listeners throughout the world for his utter lack of historical knowledge. The Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate is a co-host of The Dollop, a popular American history podcast that’s landed him a book deal and has brought him to perform in Iceland, Australia (three times), and throughout the United States.

Last week, Milwaukee’s own Turner Hall Ballroom hosted The Dollop. A day after that packed, rowdy, and hilarious show, Reynolds (and lifelong friend Brett Stepeke) met Milwaukee Record‘s Tyler Maas at Puddler’s Hall to discuss his improv origin at ComedySportz, finally getting his break on The Dollop, writing for Arrested Development, the Green Bay Packers, and his love for Cousin’s Subs.

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