Whether you’re celebrating America this weekend or lamenting its many flaws, you’ll probably need a drink. Well, if you’re looking for something seasonally appropriate to sip on the Fourth, the creative craft brewers at Eagle Park Brewing Company have you covered.

On Friday, July 3 from noon to 7 p.m., Eagle Park will be selling its new Bomb Pop Slush. The sour ale is “overfruited” with cherry, lime, and raspberry. The limited-run beer will ONLY be available at Eagle Park’s new Muskego taproom. For safety’s sake, Bomb Pop Slush can only be paid for with credit/debit cards and picked up curbside.

In addition to the Bomb Pop Slush, the brewery will also be releasing a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie sour ale and a Watermelon Lime Hard Seltzer this weekend. That’s all well and fine, but give us that Bomb Pop Slush!

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