If there’s any Milwaukee band that can claim some Devo DNA running through its veins, it’s probably Xposed 4Heads. Founded in 1982 by Joy Farm mastermind Mark G.E., the on-again-off-again 4Heads were relatively dormant in recent years until performing at 2012’s massive Lest We Forget show at Turner Hall. After the show, G.E.—along with Bob Jorin, Carter Hunnicutt, Kelp Chofs, and Andy Stilin—released a new album, Choose To Be Human. Now, a new new album, Urgency Squad, is in the works, and its first single, “Slack It,” is about as Devo as they come. Which is a beautiful (world) thing.

What makes it so Devo? Well, the sound, for one, and the fact that Al Mothersbaugh (cousin to Devo’s Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh) plays trombone on it.

“Last year, we played Devo’s DEVOtional in Cleveland,” G.E. says. “There we met the founder of the Church of the SubGenius and knew we needed to write an ode to slack. Al Mothersbaugh is a cousin of the DEVO Mothersbaughs. The ones that stayed in Kent, Ohio. His band is Massive Hotdog Recall.”

Urgency Squad is being prepped for a vinyl, CD, and digital release this summer. Until then, slack it. Slack it good.

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