If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, superhero movies, and even more superhero movies, the past few years have been good to you, what with the countless Marvel products movies filling local multiplexes like the Hulk fills out a pair of unbreakable jeans. Even better, the next few years are going to be good to you, too, seeing that Marvel has already mapped out its product movie game plan for the next four years—a game plan that involves another Thor (2017), a Captain Marvel (2018), and two more Avengers (2018, 2019). Clearly, the company is betting that moviegoing tastes will remain unchanged in the next few years, and that the world will never tire of Robert Downey, Jr. quipping alongside Chris Hemsworth.

That faith has also carried over to Marvel’s live arena show, Marvel Universe LIVE!, which is coming to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena (formerly the US Cellular Arena)…in 2016. The show brings together 25 Marvel characters and throws them into a extravagant stage show stuffed with stunts, motorcycles, pyrotechnics, someone dressed like Scarlett Johansson dressed as the Black Widow, and a story involving the Cosmic Cube or something. Kids seem to like it! But hey, its probably your only chance to see Spider-Man team up with Thor, Wolverine battle alongside the Hulk, and Iron Man kick the shit out of the Green Goblin. Unless you’ve grown a little tired of the whole thing in a year, of course.

The show is scheduled for multiple performances between March 17 -20 (again, 2016). Tickets can be purchased here. No word yet on whether there’s a Howard the Duck cameo 10 minutes after the curtains close.

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