Since opening in early 2015, Company Brewing has brought excellent beer, well-crafted comfort food, and a wide variety of live entertainment to the heart of Center Street. At this point, it’s tough for us to imagine Riverwest before this brewery, restaurant, venue, and community hub came to the neighborhood. Though it seems like been around forever, our math indicates it’s only existed for [double checks calculator] nine years. That arithmetic is confirmed by Company Brewing’s recent announcement of its 9th Year Anniversary Block Party, which will bring tons of fun the the business and its surrounding streets over the span of six hours on Saturday, May 18.

From 12-6 p.m., Company Brewing, its spacious patio, and a parcel of neighboring Fratney Street will play host to an eclectic blend of food, beverages, and entertainment options. There’s a lot of stuff going on, so we’ll do our best to organize it into one easily-digested package for you.

Petting Zoo

Yep! New Beginnings Ranch will be bringing a literal herd of different animals—including sheep, goats, alpaca, a llama, bunnies, and “mini cows”—to the brewery…well, outside the brewery, we imagine. Take some pictures, feed them approved treats, and give ’em some pets.


DJ Fuzzy Logic will be on the turntables to keep spirits high and toes tapping all day long.

Other Entertainment

If a pop-up petting zoo and a locally-loved DJ aren’t enough to bring you in, perhaps a 30-foot inflatable trampoline park suitable for both kids and adults to use will bring you to Center Street. That, or maybe the opportunity to browse Ebb & Flow’s retail goodies, will sway you to attend.

Drinks Galore

You know Company has the beer part figured out. They’ll have dozens of their tasty craft beer creations, including a few unique variants of existing beers, available at its bar and at an outdoor beer trailer, as well as can stations. Beyond the beer, there will be wine, cocktails, and N/A options served up at the bar inside. Oh, and Liquid Death will be on-site giving out free cans of water while supplies last.


You’ll probably need some food to go with all that beer and dancing. In addition to Company’s killer menu options, Pedro’s South American Food Truck will also be in attendance.

We think that about covers it! If you want to congratulate Company Brewing on nine years of beer, food, and live music…or you just want to enjoy a day of family-friendly fun in mid-May, make your way to the 9th Year Anniversary Block Party on Saturday, May 18. We’ll see you there!

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